About Us

We are an international company, with offices in India and the UAE, headquartered in the centre of Europe. We have been working in the area of immigration for over 6 years. We also provide legal and business consultancy services and help juristic persons with accounting matters.

We employ a professional team of legal and financial experts, who will always be able to advise you in various areas of business and even conduct market research if needed.

In 2014 alone, more than 500 people from different countries used our services.


Why choose us?

1. Professionalism. Thanks to our long-time specialization in business and immigration, we have managed to gather together true experts in the field, who always keep abreast with the latest developments and apply them when working with clients.


2. Reliability. Our team will provide you with objective and current information concerning your issues, while maintaining confidentiality and meeting all deadlines.


3. Partnership. Because we seek to establish long-term relationships, we always inform our clients about important events and remind them about steps that they need to take.


4. Planning. Work is always done according to action plans agreed on in advance.


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